Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Hot Tub Broke

Well, I went to jump in the hot tub last night and I got one leg in up to my knee before I noticed the water was cold. I looked at things a bunch last night and noodled over it, then opened up the controller box tonight and found the above issue inside. The spa is a 2001 Hot Spring Vanguard, and the burnt board is the Relay Control Board. I am hoping the heater is ok. It measured 10 Ohms, which seems reasonable. I = V/R = 120/10 = 12 Amps. I am going to call the local spa service outfit and see if I can get an idea if something else might be wrong before I order the board.

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Unknown said...

That is some pretty intense burning. Do you know which components failed? If you can pinpoint that, then you can make sure that it doesn't happen again when you get a replacement. I imagine those aren't very cheap.