Thursday, March 26, 2009

Searching Source Code

The search built into Windows XP (see screenshot) was hopeless at finding stuff in source code files it doesn't know about (.vhd for example). For example, I look in a source code folder for all files containing text I know is in multiple files and it comes back with nothing.

Reading online tells me that it tries to weed out meaningless results by not looking in file types it doesn't know about. Then there was some help online about how you could go in the registry and change information about each of the filetypes you want to be able to search in, and then maybe this search would find stuff. That sucks.

Also, there's a chance of using the command line "FIND" utility, but the output from that is horrible. Why can't I have something useful like grep? Anyhow, this prompted me to try Windows Search 4 and then Google Desktop. Both suffer the same issue as the built-in Windows search, they don't search in unknown file types. *@$!@$()!$&!

I just want a utility like grep for Windows. I guess I'll have to go hunting some more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Icom IC-4AT PL Mod Photos

I took some photos of how someone very cleverly put a PL tone encoder board controlled by a DIP switch into an Icom IC-4AT handheld transceiver. It's a really nice install. I purchased this radio from a Ham at the Rochester Hamfest a few years back, but I don't know who did the mod.

The DIP switch is mounted to the front panel, with wires going back to a Comspec PL encoder board sandwiched inside the metal hinged plates inside the radio.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LittleDiode offers RF Power Transistors for IC-4AT

One of my Icom IC-4AT handheld transceivers has a blown final transistor (2SC3101), and I found that an outfit called LittleDiode sells them. Nice! I'll let you know if the ones I ordered show up.

Sunny Weather

Well, it sure is nice to see the sunshine out today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, the previous information on setting up Godaddy as the mail host for a domain worked fine, BUT it doesn't seem that Godaddy supports IMAP. That basically means you'd have to use their webmail interface or POP if you want your e-mail hosted there. Not good. If you use their webmail, now you have to do e-mail for the domain they host with their interface, then use a completely different interface for other e-mail. That makes it annoying because you can't get into an e-mail rhythm. I do not like POP because with that you pull e-mail off the server and onto ONE PC. Now you can't get at your messages from anywhere. Not good. IMAP is perfect because every instance you use to access the mail provides a window onto the same data and leaves it alone on the server. If you want an archive to save space, just make an archive account (or host it yourself) to free up room on your incoming account. So, I went to e-mail hosting with Google Apps.

Now I want to say a couple of words about an MTA (e-mail application, like Outlook Express or Thunderbird, etc.). I have been ok with the GMail web interface for a while, but that doesn't give me access to multiple accounts from one spot. So, I decided to look at Thunderbird to handle e-mail. It's great. I can set up multiple accounts (all using IMAP) so I can get my e-mail that way. Most all of my non-Google accounts filter through one GMail address (for spam filtering and storage) and then I get at e-mail through Thunderbird (or the web interface if I'm away). One other comment... For a while my Google-hosted domain e-mail would not open in Thunderbird! I kept getting a "Web login required (failed)" message. Turns out this happens if you login to the IMAP server too frequently. To fix this, I went to That was hard to find because the error message was so obscure, but after I did that everything worked just fine. I think I just have to make sure Thunderbird doesn't access the IMAP server too often.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Godaddy/DynDNS E-Mail

So you get a free e-mail address with domain registration with Great! But, what if you use DynDNS for your DNS server like I do?

Godaddy recommends you use and for your MX records. DynDNS chokes on because it is a CNAME, not an A record.

Digging into the documentation on DynDNS, it looks like you have to do a host lookup and supply the REAL A name for, which turns out to be

I supplied and (already an A name) and DynDNS is now happy.

I am waiting to see if Godaddy gets happy. So far it still says "Pending Setup: validating MX record". Hope that's not a bad sign...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guilty Listening Pleasure of the Day

I'm embarrassed to say, I enjoyed this guilty pleasure:

Actually, the whole Classic Hip Hop genre is kickin' overall. Can I still say that in 2009?

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your spouse frowning at you sternly when you begin jamming to this.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

AC Power Usage Telemetry via Radio

I've been wanting a way to monitor when different things around the house are on (sump pump, furnace, etc.). I've been thinking about a little box you plug into an outlet and then plug the device into the box. Inside the box is a radio transmitter that reports when things are in use. Then I found this: Awesome! Just about exactly what I was thinking about.