Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update on Current Projects

Google Voice / Gizmo / ATA

Well, I finally got a VOIP phone line working at home! It's a wired phone connected to an ATA connected to my home LAN and routed through the Linux firewall.

The trick was doing port forwarding both on the SIP and RTP ports. I had the SIP port forwarded to my ATA, but not the RTP port. This resulted in not hearing the audio from the other person for outgoing calls. If you enable port forwarding on both ports, you do NOT need NAT traversal using a STUN server.

So more details are:

1. A Google Voice phone number that has my Gizmo SIP number as one of the phones configured.
2. Incoming calls to my Google Voice number go to my Gizmo SIP number.
3. At home, I have an ATA that registers with the Gizmo SIP server.
4. Outgoing calls go through Gizmo and are 1.9 cents per minute.

This all allows other non-technical people to use this phone without extra weirdness. If calls are initiated through Google Voice online, they're free.

Right now I am holding back on using this as our main phone. I want to get more time on it before I declare it ready for prime time.

Contact Us Page for

Finally got this page done for Shelly. It's working great now. This is another add-on for the monolithic PHP script that is her web site.

Slide Scanning

I want to get back this project. I have some bad scans I want to redo. Turns out on the Canon Canoscan 5600, you want the slides to be oriented so they read properly from INSIDE the scanner (the "this side to screen", date, or logo goes UP) and the tall dimension should go parallel to the scanner's tall dimension. If the orientation is wrong, you get a lot of the image cut off. Also, if the slide is wider left to right, the top of the image goes to the left to make the resulting scan have the top up. I want to figure out how to get the scanner to prevent washed-out scans even if the slide is a little light.